Incontinent on the Continent

My Mother, Her Walker, and Our Grand Tour of Italy

I took my mom on a six-week road trip through Italy to restore our relationship, and all I got was a lousy drinking problem. Well, not exactly. But if you are a harried, strong-willed daughter who is trying to make peace with your strong-willed, opinionated mother, there will be alcohol. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a raucous ride. If you keep your eyes open you will discover that we are not much different from those with whom we fight.

This was the most difficult book I have written because I wanted the story to be so different, so much lighter and kinder, but it wasn’t in me. Mothers and daughters: It’s complicated.

Published 2009

Greystone Books (Canada)

Lion Hudson (UK)

Piper Verlag (Germany) Published as Reisen mit Mama

Audiobook available from Post Hypnotic Press (Canada)

Incontinent on the Continent book cover image
Incontinent on the Continent | Jane Christmas